What is Mud Logging?

Mud Logging provides subsurface geological information while drilling a well.

Mud Logging examines and analyzes geological information contained in formation cuttings and drilling mud, to determine if oil and gas are encountered during well drilling. Mud Logging also provides critical safety functions such as determining pore pressure, kick control and ambient gas monitoring. Mud Logging is used while drilling most exploratory and many development wells, both onshore and offshore.

Mud Logging services have evolved to become the information center for the well and include  the electronic monitoring of drilling parameters. These parameters include weight on bit, torque, penetration rate, mud levels, pump speed and third party service provider data.

Basic services use a cost effective Mud Logging unit that provides gas detection to identify potentially productive pay zones and enhance drilling safety. The system is configurable for hydrogen sulfide H2S monitoring. The units are equipped with the alarms to alert the user if gas increases or equipment problems occur and works in conjunction with the data logging and drilling penetration rates.

Mud Logging Services Provides:

  • Advanced drilling monitoring systems capable of the gas detection, electronic monitoring and database recording for a full range of drilling parameters
  • Experienced crews and additional tools to monitor and analyze both the geology of the subsurface information and the drilling parameters.
  • Various combinations of services and crew sizes depending on the customer’s requirements and well complexity.
  • A portable laboratory (Mud Logging unit) that houses the hardware and software analysis conducted at well-site during the drilling process and samples are returned to the operator after analysis.

Benefits of Mud Logging:

Mud Logging lowers costs and improves the success rates. Mud Logging uses the sophisticated systems and experienced crews, which range from one to six people. Mud loggers analyze the geological data as well as drilling parameters to identify and quantify the productive hydrocarbon reserves, subsurface formation porosity and formation fractures. Mud loggers also look at the filling parameters in conjunction with formation analysis in order to provide recommendations to improve drilling rates, reduce costs and enhance safety.

The advantages of MAPSA-Kish Mud Logging services are as follows:

  • Sensors and data analysis system : French – EU,
  • Gas analysis system : American,
  • Drilling parameters analysis software : French,
  • Supporting & training workshops in Kish Island.

Mud Logging service permits our Clients to improve efficiency and reduce unproductive time, saving costs and improving rig site safety.  Critical decisions are being guided by timely and more accurate information on reservoir fluid composition, lithology to detect pay zone.

Qualified and experienced personnel are the key for service quality.  Mapsa Kish operates with a core group of engineers which have +20 years  experience in the business and are guiding younger colleagues directly on the field.

Features of online Mud Logging Units:

  • Mud Logging unit operates on with advanced windows based software possessing following important features:
    • Real time data acquisition, monitoring and recording of parameters like rate of penetration, Depth tracking, weight on bit, weight on hook, pump strokes, Stand pipe pressure, Rotary torque, Rotary RPM, Pit levels, Mud weight, Mud flow, Total gas detection etc.
    • Real time gas detection based on the principle of Flame Ionization Detector/Thermal Conductivity Detector.
    • Real time over pressure parameters calculation in display for D-exponent, pore pressure, fracture gradient.
    • Offline system packages like plots for Kick and kill, overpressure detections, leak of tests, fracture gradients, D-exponent, bit hydraulics, etc.
    • Data link server serves real time data and time database records to the remote data link client applications.
  • Uninterruptible power back up (UPS) for equipment.
  • Advance warning system, Audio and Visual Alarms.
  • Sufficient Nos. of P-4 computer systems for continuous records of data as well back up facilities.
  • Fully equipped geological laboratory, like Fluoroscope. Stereomicroscope, shale density kit,  Calcimetry kit, Cutting gas detector etc.

 Personnel Training

MAPSA KISH training program has been designed to ensure every member of staff knows exactly what is expected of them and how they can contribute to the success of the overall project.

New recruits undergo a thorough and detailed series of training courses to familiarize them with MAPSA KISH’s procedures, policies and services.  It is defined by the drive to offer you a better service by ensuring the people we put on your project are the best prepared in the industry.

They are trained to get the best out of the most advanced equipment, to interpret and understand the feedback and data they receive in real time, and to make decisions that can help you get the maximum return from your reservoir.  And of course, they train to maintain the highest levels of safety in the workplace. Protecting our people, your people and your investment.

more details:  MapsaKish Mud logging Services

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