Sedimentological Studies

Sedimentological studies include facies analysis, diagenetic and sequence stratigraphy studies based on core descriptions and thin sections petrography (macroscopic and microscopic core description). This service can be done on drilling cuttings, cores, and outcrops samples. Information collected by our experienced geologists is used to build the model facies and reservoir description.

Reservoir Characterization

Through reservoir characterization and identification of reservoir rocks, the results from previous stages (including the results of facies analysis, diagenetic studies, etc.) are combined with petro physical data (such as well survey logs) and permeability-porosity data obtained from routine core analysis.In order to divide the reservoir subject to study into sections with reservoir properties comparable to or close to each other (the identification of reservoir rock), different methods depending on the available data are used.

Biostratigraphy Studies

Paleontology is of rich fields with a rich history and a fruitful future.Biostratigraphy science has mainly grown in the academia and was then widely used in the oil industry.In general, paleontological studies are essential to solve structural problems related to hydrocarbons exploration.MAPSA offers an almost complete micropaleontology package including (foraminiferal, algae, radiolarians etc.) ichnology, age determination for sequences, reservoirs and etc. as biostratigraphy studies service to the oil and gas industry.

Fractures Study

Fractures studies in both well and reservoir scales are performed and has several sub-sections

Geochemical Analyzes

Geochemical analysis is the science for implementation of the data and chemical relationships to understand geological processes.Geochemistry of stable isotopes has an important role in geochemical studies.

Petroleum Geomechanics

Geomechanics is the explicit statement of conditions in terms of stress, pore pressure and mechanical specifications of subsurface layers including reservoir and its adjacent formations

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