About Mapsa

MAPSA Co. was established in 1999.The main activities of this Company are in the field of industrial projects management in the numerous forms such as MC,PMC and performing engineering affairs on the industrial& oil equipments and pursuing its activities regarding as below approaches:

  • Transforming the Company as an alternative to the foreign companies active in the field of management & engineering services.
  • Founding the state of -the art management in the Country
  • Attitude to the human resources development.
  • Paying due attention to observing the environmental protection and health &safety standards.
  • Development of the Company in order to expand the industrial projects acquisition and improve the performance key results.
  • Entrance to new areas of diverse technologies & industries using the state- of- the- art scientific products relying on the potential capabilities of the country.
  • Business making, national self- sufficing and to make domestic the all pertinent industries.

This Company has capable teamworks consist of the experts and highly experienced engineers in the different industrial backgrounds rendering services using the best practices in the fields of the project management, design & engineering and upstream oil projects.

MAPSA Co. succeeded to receive the ISO 9001-2000 certificate in 2005, accordingly the organization’s processes have been indentified and the Standard requirements have been established. We also could receive the EFQM organizational excellence model certificate from the Iranian Productivity Studies &Human Resources Institute in 2008.

Regarding our project– focused organization, the project management standard requirements based on the PMBOK Standard and its processes have been prepared and enforced.
Our Vision:

Sceintific & technical level enhancement and developing into one of most capable Iranian companies in the field of managerial ,design, engineering and executive in the areas of oil, gas and energy.

MAPSA Technology Center as the research and development core of MAPSA Co. carries out planning, design, production and support for software and equipment needed in the oil and gas industry with the intention of producing original technical products. Mud-logging unit software (ML Pro), reservoir fluid properties simulator (PVT Pro), core lab centrifuge apparatus data gathering and analysis software (Centri Pro) are the most important MTC products. MTC is ready to develop customized software, Design and produce professional equipment for oil and gas industry.