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Main activities:

Mapsa is a knowledge-based company working in various industrial fields. The main activities of the Company are in the field of industrial projects management (MC & PMC), providing services in oil & gas industry such as Upstream Studies, Drilling Services, Core Analysis, Inspection, Training, Implementing special software and Construction.

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Mapsa Subsidiaries


MAPSA HR is one of MAPSA corporation’s subsidiaries which is relying on years of experiences in implementing industrial projects especially in the field of oil and gas. Since 2011 it has started planning and rendering practical and scientific courses in the oil and gas industry by taking advantages of skilled experts in related fields with aim of resolving training needs and improving the practical and scientific qualification of experts, specialists, graduates of different industrial fields.
Since 2017, it introduced a new business line for other HR services like Recruitment and Selection, Manpower supplying, HR consultancy, Coaching and HR strategy with help from Select HR, an international company.

2- Nadin Petro Core (NPC) Co.

Nadin Petro Core Company is one of the pioneering companies in Iran, rendering the coring services;
The company is engaged in Coring .the company imported different Coring Technologies & Methods from Halliburton throughout the years in coring.
NPC is capable to provide all coring services in sandstone & fractured carbonated reservoirs include:

  • Conventional Coring
  • Oriented Coring
  •  Unconsolidated Coring (Full Closure System)
  • Horizontal Coring

The NPC coring concept based on standard Security DBS core barrel is more efficient and reliable than the industry standard core barrel because it features a patented heavy-duty thread- form (HDT) and an adjustable safety joint.

3- MAPSA Kish Co.

MAPSA Kish Company is one of the pioneering companies in Iran, rendering the integrated drilling services, providing the following services directly for offshore and onshore as follows:

  •  Mud Logging
  •  Fishing and Rental Tools
  •  H2S Safety
  • Logistic

MAPSA Kish’s logistic base is located in Kish Island to support offshore projects. The base comprises the following facilities:

  • Two Covered Warehouses (2500 m2 and 750m2) in the industrial zone.
  • Yard Area 15000 m2
  • Dedicated office and facilities 240 m2 for all personnel in the industrial zone.
4-TAHA Co.

The Department of Water and Energy is established on the mission of MPSA in identifying needs and need management based on domestic capabilities of the country and for technology transfer as the main reasons. The change in Iran’s climate Plateau in coming years and necessity of reviewing water and energy supply resources, made MAPSA to seek new approaches for providing sustainable water supply, as well as sources for clean energy, wastewater treatment in an economic way as company’s frontispiece.

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MAPSA has the potential to provide complete services in the form of EPC, B.O.O or B.O.T for desalination projects in the following areas:

  • Intake System
  • Pre-treatment System
  • Reverse Osmosis System
  • Post-treatment System
  • Drinking Water System
  • Wastewater System
    5- ATIS Co.

    ATIS (MAPSA) has been trusted as a contractor for big and valid drilling companies are operating in the Oil and Gas industry and it has been able to get the satisfaction of them as well.
    Drilling Companies such as:
    1- Drilling Company International (DCI)
    2- North Drilling Company (NDC)
    3- Global Petro Tech Kish (Asr Kish)
    4- Ostovan Kish Drilling Company (OKDC)
    5-Dana Petro Rig
    6-Saba (SRP)

Mapsa Groups:

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1. Upstream Studies Group

Upstream Studies Group is divided into three departments.

  •  Core Analysis Department.
  •  Reservoir Engineering Department.
  •  Geology and Geophysics Department.

2. MC & Inspection Group

MC & Inspection Group is divided into three departments:

  •  MC Department

MC Department is known as the Fourth Dimension and controlling the contractor’s work progress as a Client representative.
MC Fields of activity in the past years was included a vast domain of oil & gas industries such as Expediting and Procurement, Inspection and observation of refinery, dam’s hydro-mechanical and electrical equipment. In addition, MC Department by using projects control knowledge makes projects observation easy to all clients and administration.

  •  Inspection Department

This department by using qualified inspectors in different parts of Iran and the implementation of ISO 17020 in all inspection activities offer diversified services from beginning stages (Material Inspection) until final stages (Installation and Commissioning).

3. AZEM group

Construction and Infrastructure (AZEM) group pursues its activities in the field of design and construction projects to meet the needs of residential and other special buildings throughout Iran.

4. MAPSA Technology Center (MTC)

MTC is a software engineering center engaged in the development, sale and technology transfer of petroleum software. Our software packages are innovative and user-friendly, which provide practical and advanced solutions for petroleum engineering projects.

5. Equipment Group

Equipment group works on designing and manufacturing of various upstream and downstream equipment including API 610 Process Pumps, H2S Safety Service Units, Mud Loggin