Digital Core Analysis (DCA) Workshop was held with the help of knowledge and experience of MAPSA peoples in the Institute of International Energy Studies (IIES) for reservoir managers and experts of the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC).

The workshop was organized in collaboration with the experts affiliated with the Faculties of Mining, Mechanics, and Electrical Engineering at the University of Tehran based on the cutting edge knowledge of this field.

The main topics of this workshop was

  1. The application of Macro and Micro scales of DCA in Iranian petroleum industry.
  2. Advantageous and disadvantageous of CT image-based DCA
  3. 3D stochastic reconstruction of porous media using 2D images
  4. Extracting flow properties within the porous media
  5. Geomecanical properties of core samples
  6. Application of DCA for multi-scale reservoir modeling

Digital core analysis is an imaging-based approach to study the internal structure of reservoir samples, the most important of which s providing statistical information of porous media and its non-destructive nature.

3D imaging of the inner structure of the cores, the simulation of porosity and pore’s connectivity, and the estimation and analysis of the properties of rock physics can greatly increase our understanding for reservoir characterization.