MC Department Group:

Management Contractor Group (the fourth party or representative of client) with the support of high experience in industrial projects and several Mega Projects have proven its capabilities in the field of MC services in the industry. This Group utilizes high qualified and experienced personnel to provide MC services in petrochemical, Gas and Oil and Construction Projects, with an emphasis on knowledge and project management system and development of software infrastructure. Development of MC services in the upstream industry is also considered.

Feasibility Study Projects

  1.  Financial And Economic Review
  2.  Technical Review
  3.  Market Overview
  4.  Preparation Of Financial Calculations Based On Comfar  Software
  5.  Project Defense O In Banks And Financial Institutions


    1.  Target Specification, Scope Determination And Project Document Development
    1.  Execution Selection Methods
    1.  Project Risk Identification
    1.  Predictable Risks Analysis
    1.  Initial Assessments on Execution Period
    1.  Preliminary Estimates on Running Costs
    1.  Identification of Sources for Project Financing
    1.  Project Budget Estimates
    1.  Resources Provision and Mobilization Determination Methods
    1.  Financial Planning And The Preparation Of Annual Budget Plan
    1.  Overall Development Time Schedule
    1.  Review of Detailed Plans Proposed By Agents (Consultants, Contractors, Builders, Etc.) To Coordinate, Approval And Notification Of The Plans in Each Phase Of The Project
    1.  Leveling Plan Provision for Project Control and Monitoring the Creation of the Systems

Task Diversion

  •  Diversion of Stages in Feasibility Study, Basic And Detailed Design, Supervision And Ancillary Services
    1.  Determination of Evaluation Criteria And Selection Of Appropriate Counsel:
    2. Determination Qualitative Consultant  Evaluation Criteria
    3. Technical And Financial Consultant  Evaluation Criteria
    4.  Consulting Services Purchase Documentation
    5.  Provision of Consultants List In Accordance With The Relevant Regulations
    6.  Consultants  Calls Preparation
    7.  Investigation and Evaluation of Consultants  Proposals
    8.  Introduction of Selected Consultant for Employer Verification
    9.  Provision of Minutes for Consultant Selection to Contract Management Services for Contract Assignment with Consultants
  •  Review And Approval of the List of Additional Needed Services
    1.  Determination of Evaluation Criteria for Selection of Consultants to Carry Out Ancillary Services
    2.  Ancillary Services Concession Documents
    3.  Provision of a List of Factors for Ancillary Services in Accordance with the Relevant Regulations
    4.  Holding Calls for Ancillary Services, If Necessary
    5.  Assessment of Proposals for Ancillary Services
    6.  Provision of Necessary Documents for Contract With Ancillary Services Providers to Contract Management Services for Drafting of Contracts
  •  Referencing Various Operational Stages
    1.  Determination of Assessment And Selection Criteria for Appropriate Agents for Procurement, Construction and Installation
    2.  Provision of a List of Qualified Agents, Including Contractors And Installers, Manufacturers, Retailers and Other Relevant Factors, In Accordance with the Relevant Subject
    3.  Compile Necessary Documents For The Tender Procedure (or Quitting Bidding Process) for the Selection of Contractors, Manufacturers, Vendors And Installation and Other Related Agents
    4.  Holding Tender Procedure (Leaving Formalities if Necessary) to Select Construction And Installation Contractors, Manufacturers, Suppliers And Other Related Agents
    5.  Review Proposals from Agents Including Construction and Installation Contractors, Manufacturers, Suppliers and other Related Agents
    6.  Provision of Tender Process Report (Leaving Formalities if Necessary) along with the Documentation and the Introduction of Agents in Accordance with Standards and Regulations for Approval by the Employer
    7.  Sending Required Documents for Winning Agent for Contract Assignment to Contract Management Section
  • Investigations and Design Management

    1.  Investigation of contracts signed with consulting (feasibility, basic and detailed contracts) and of side services required to make it operational
    2.  Establishment of design and control standards
    3.  Investigation and verification of the sequence of design process and its implementation
    4.  consultant human resources management and ensure sufficient regarding quality and quantity
    5.  Control of software functionalities used by the consultant
    6.  Determination of the monitoring method on ancillary services
    7.  Track the progress of agents in the implementation of activities on ancillary service contracts
    8.  Holding regular meetings for coordination between ongoing studies (basic and detailed studies) with the activities of other agents
    9.  Review and approval of technical specifications revisions
    10.  Reviewed and approval for supplementary detailed maps and administrative detailed maps
    11.  Review and approval of ancillary services
    12.  Review and approval of the results of the design investigations (basic and detailed) in conformity with contract subject
    13.  Delivery of investigations and design studies documents
    14.  Implementation of investigations and design procedures approval by the employer and the regarding declarations
    15.  Issuing step by step certificates necessary for making payments
    16.  Review and approval the execution program, methods of execution and cost of execution
    17.  Review and approval of the working technology proposed by consultants
    18.  Designation of independent administrative blocks for the Job reference at the end of studies and design

    Procurement, Installation And Supplementary Services Management

    1.  Notification of the project initiation to selected contractors for the implementation and supervision
    2.  Investigation and verification of the details of the implementation of the proposed work by contractor
    3.  Review and comments on the technical execution method of the work proposed by the contractor
    4.  Determination of the intersection between services in the range of ancillary and complementary contracts, design contracts, build and equipment contracts
    5.  Delivery of the area for the contractor mobilization and coordination of legal issues related to land acquisition
    6.  Review and approval of the technical documentation related to the specification, execution method, time and workshop equipment standards
    7.  review contracts texts signed with logistics services agents needed for the project to become operational
    8.  Review and approval of the order list for needed materials and major equipment
    9.  Review and approval of methods for the preparation of materials, equipment and machinery
    10.  Monitoring the process of making goods and equipment, quality control, technical inspection and factory testing in order to ensure compliance with technical standards
    11.  Review and approval of the technical specifications of materials prepared by the contractor in accordance with the contract documents
    12.  Review and approval of the list of items needed for foreign purchases
    13.  Authorization and taking the necessary steps to open documental credit
    14.  Taking the necessary measures to ensure insurance coverage, transportation, delivery and customs clearance of imported machinery and equipment
    15.  Control of working procedures to ensure compliance with the design documents, standards or agreements conducted
    16.  Control and follow up on complete and on time execution of monitoring services and ancillary services
    17.  Control of contractor and consultant human resources and monitoring to ensure the quantitative adequacy and existence of competencies necessary in terms of knowledge and skills needed for agents
    18.  Control of second hand specialist contractors based on general conditions of contract or special conditions agreed in the contract
    19.  control functionality and adequacy for equipment, tools and machinery needed
    20.  control of workplace safety standards by ensuring adequate preventive measures undertaken by contractors
    21.  control of environmental concerns by ensuring compliance with regulations, standards and guidelines issued by authorities

    Quality Management

    1.  Preparation of quality control workflow
    2.  identifying quality standards in accordance with project specifications
    3.  Ensuring the establishment of quality control systems
    4.  Ensuring calibration of instruments used in measurements
    5.  Examinations, review and comments on reports of the quality management system
    6.  Carry out as required inspections and use specialized firms for auditing quality design, control, supplementary services, procurement, construction and installation

    Time Management

    1.  Review and approval of the detailed program of activities agreed in the framework of agreed activities structure failure
    2.  Online project control on the basis of approved programs and authentic software
    3.  control the development of design studies (basic and detailed) and compliance with the schedule detailed contract
    4.  Management of the elimination maladjustments in workshops administrative activities, and the regarding compulsory acts
    5.  control the progress of procurement in accordance with the detailed schedule
    6.  control of construction and installation activities progress in accordance with the timetable detailed contract
    7.  review and approval of project control systems and deployment method it in a corporate organization under contract with the employer and determination of its requirements
    8.  network deployment between management teams under contract with the project manager control group
    9.  Choice of the right project control software according to design specifications and regarding declarations.
    10.  Review, revision and updating of schedules and detailed schedules as needed
    11.  control of progress of project to predict the delays and preventative or compensatory proposals
    12.  Preparation and submission of periodic reports on time management

    Cost Management

    1.  Control expected processes to provide plan / project liquidity
    2.  Taking the necessary measures to provide liquidity
    3.  Control the timely allocation of financial resources to the project
    4.  Review and approval for pre-payments to consultants, agents and contractors, construction and installation of ancillary services, manufacturers and sellers
    5.  Review and comments on the statements from consultants, agents and contractors, construction and installation of ancillary services, manufacturers and sellers
    6.  Issue of release certification for guarantees of a consultant, contractor, builder or seller after ensuring complete delivery of services / goods under contract to deliver by employer
    7.  Taking the necessary measures for the settlement with agents
    8.  Preparation of the final report of the various costs conducted for the project’s final cost segregated by services and manufacturing, installation and implementation and other reports in terms of the employer’s cost

    Safety Management

    1.  ensuring the establishment of control systems for health, safety and the environment and compliance with all legal and contractual issues
    2.  Monitor the development of specific guidelines for health, safety and environment (HSE) fitting the theme and location of the project in progress
    3.  Monitor the strict implementation of general and specific guidelines for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
    4.  Monitoring the performance of those responsible for the operational activities for zero accidents and injuries through the control or elimination of unsafe conditions and also the protection of the environment
    5.  Check and control on guidelines for health, safety and environment from contractor and ensuring compliance thereof

    Contract Management

    1.  Preparation of the necessary documents for contracts with consultants (study, design and supervision) and of ancillary services
    2.  preparation of the necessary documents for contract with executive agents, including construction and installation contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and other related agents
    3.  Drafting contracts for consulting agents (studies, design and supervision) and of ancillary services
    4.  Set up contract drafts for manufacturing, installation contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and other related agents
    5.  Review and comments on the type and amount of guarantees for contracts including consultants, agents ancillary services, construction and installation contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and other related agents
    6.  approval for guarantees for contracts including consulting, installation contractors, manufacturers and vendors, and other agents
    7.  Determination the type and amount of insurance policies including consultants, contractors and installers, manufacturers and retailers and other relevant agents in order to create the necessary insurance cover
    8.  Review and comments on changes to contracts with agents
    9.  Ensuring the clear and precise awareness of the employer of contract changes and its consequences
    10.  Inquiry of approval from the employer on contract changes
    11.  Implementation of actions resulting from legal, financial and time due to technical changes approved in the relevant contract
    12.  Preparation of documents resulting from contract changes
    13.  Preparation declaration contracts (warning, fine, suspension, etc.)
    14.  Review and comments on the claims from consultants, contractors and installation, logistics and procurement
    15.  Review and comment on the delay reports at different stages
    16.  Investigation and imposing fines and compensations under the terms of the contract
    17.  Issuance of certificates required for final settlement based on certificates from specialized fields
    18.  Interim and final delivery process implementation
    19.  Implementation of tasks on behalf of the employer during the guarantee period

    Delivery and commissioning services management

    1.  Review and approval for contracts offering for temporary contract delivery
    2.  Cooperation in setting and delivery of temporary agenda and the signing thereof
    3.  Management on the preparation of guidelines for removal of deficiencies
    4.  Follow-up and coordination necessary for the fulfillment of responsibilities by consultants and contractors and other agents involved in the follow-up period to ensure timely removal of deficiencies and imbalances
    5.  Ensuring the removal of deficiencies stated before entering the final delivery stage
    6.  Issue of certification of the end of temporary development plan and readiness for final delivery
    7.  Ensure the delivery of project documents including construction plans, specifications, manuals for the use of facilities and equipment to the employer
    8.  Monitoring implementation of engineering measures taken to precisely carry out the startup process
    9.  Investigation and verification of startup procedures
    10.  Ensuring the adequacy of instructions for commissioning, operation and maintenance
    11.  Document cases for temporary operation process


    1.  Investigation, classification and storage of documents, records and other documents produced in the course of project realization / project
    2.  Documentation of practices taken by project manager
    3.  Declaration of adequacy of the documentation produced by agents such as how to maps to submit to the employer
    4.  Preparation of consolidated document files
    5.  Preparation of easy access to documents for employers or individuals referred by the employers.

    Assessment and Evaluation

    1.  Selection of valid procedures or methods of assessment and evaluation
    2.  Determination and declaration of evaluation criteria to the parties to the contract
    3.  Evaluations on the performance of stakeholders in the project period in accordance with guidelines and issued criteria
    4.  Declaration of assessment results to stakeholders


    1.  Identification of the relevant institutions in the scope of the plan / project or contract issue
    2.  Ensuring knowledge of institutions and stakeholders in the scope of the project of the nature of operation and activities as required
    3.  Efforts to attract community involvement in the scope of the project implementation / project
    4.  exchange of information on how to program / project related to the implementation of other related projects or based on the effects of the plan / project
    5.  Attempts to the timely and real reflections of successful stages to project stakeholders to create hope


    [toggle title=”15. Expert investigations & commenting on non-transferable tasks” state=”close” ]

    1.  Expert comments on all responsibilities based on the law and other laws of the country that have been imposed on the highest-ranking executive
    2.  Expert comments on acceptance of guarantees and orders on the extension, release the reception or deposit.
    3.  Expert comments on approval of the change in contract prices
    4.  Expert comments on approval of the contract duration change
    5.  Expert comments on changes in technical specifications, system changes and changes in main components
    6.  Expert comments on approved new prices and fees for additional services
    7.  approval on the reports in various stages of research and design services
    8.  Expert comments on the approval of temporary delivery and final delivery of work
    9.  Expert comments on suspension, termination and breach of contract
    10.  Expert comments on approval definitive and final bills

    Project Management Software
    Taking advantage of scientific capabilities and experienced personnel, MAPSA project management unit implements the best project management tools. Using the as related software, practically helps the company in providing high quality project management. Dorsa PMIS as one of the most important software tools provided by Dorsa Rasaneh Hooshmand Co. is of the best among software products for project management and project portfolio. Highlights on the capabilities of this software is introduced.
    Project Management Information System (PMIS) is a branch of management information systems (MIS), which are in turn sub-branches for information systems (IS).
    Project management information system (PMIS)are responsible for collecting, processing and refining raw data and establishment of basic  and analyzed project information needed by management at all levels. Organizational knowledge is then created based on such information over time and over a number of projects. Such systems are also in charge of expedition of project related tasks. Dorsa project management information system (Dorsa PMIS) software is designed and built based on PMBOK standards for use in a variety of projects.
    The software has 5 main process the project as follows:

    Engineering Process Category

    Abundance of engineering documents for one or more projects, different versions of the documents, concern for the availability of the latest versions, internal distributions, communication between engineering departments or with other stakeholders involved, qualitative and quantitative accuracy of documents, computing engineering progress has made such processes inevitable for each medium and large engineering company. Dorsa engineering document management system in addition to covering the needs, has created a critical advantages in the implementation of projects through integrated relationship between other software systems. Such relationships, especially with the technical office for project engineering site, procurement and purchasing, development and inspection of the project, the project site goods control, quality control, construction and installation are very important.

    Procurement Process Category

    As with the extended scope of activities along with financial and technical sensibilities Procurement is considered as the most important part in EPC projects. Through automation of processes in this sector, enhanced speed and accuracy will be experienced through software application. All the steps and activities required to extract the needed goods, sourcing, answering inquiries and quotations, tenders and clarification process as well as technical and financial evaluation and selection of suppliers and the issuance of a purchase order (PO) is done in the software.

    Installation Process Category

    – Execution and Civil Quality control
    – site goods control (factory)
    – welding and nondestructive tests Management
    – Technical Office in factory Site
    – Paint & Coatings
    – Installation and mechanical quality control
    – Installation and electrical quality control
    – Installation and HVAC quality control
    – Installation and instrumentation quality control
    – Pre- launch processes
    The software for processes related to pre-commissioning activities and cold tests and record and is designed to control the respective slots.

    Project Management Process Category

    This application simultaneously serves in three management areas: Time and scope management, cost and managerial supervision management at high levels.

    Backup Process Category

    In this category, document and report management service as well as the report builder function. Report builder can produce a variety of reports on the project or organization.

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