1.Introduction and overview of the project:

MP-90-1-01-0059contract number
03/23/90start date
18 monthsProject Duration

Aim of the project:
According to MAPSA company’s vision in the oil industry, descisions have been made to make investment to localize the oil industry services. By building core analysis laboratory, steps will be taken in the development of core analysis projects within the country.

Exposed concrete building with specially designed wide openings was performed without columns. Specific type of building methods and skills of the executive team was unique to its kind.

Location and Specifications:

Innovation Avenue16, PARDIS Technology Park, TehranBuilding location
1000 mLand area
2460 sq.m.Floor area
2 floors of basement, ground floor and two floors (total 5 floors)Number of floors
two-sided bending frame In addition to shear walls in both directionsStructural system
post-tensioned cable roofRoof Systems
Core analysis laboratoryFunction

Floor area:

(Area (mFloor
509-2 Basement
391-1 Basement
71/4401st floor
44/4712nd floor

Equipment and materials:

Exposed concrete + Travertine Silver Grade 1Walls
Grade 1 GraniteBasement floor
40 * 40 GraniteEntrance ground floor
LaminateManagement ground floor
Ceramic 60 * 60Floor
cardboard cover for the tubesCeiling
Travertine Silver Grade 1Entrance Stone
Mosaiccommunication ramps Stone
PVCcoated MDFDoors and frames
8 persons capacity with Alberto Sassi Italy motorElevator
Exposed concrete and glassexterior
Double-glazed windows of aluminum-Turkish thermal breakWindows
Termowood- Lunawood Finland brandWood used in the facade
Mechanical Installations
Newpipe TubesWater
Wastewater collection pipe with Push Fit fittingsWastewater
Wiring and Contacts
Potential 25 telephone lines for every unitPhone
Afsharnejad Khorasanwire and cable
CAT6 Legrand FranceWireless Network
All rooms and halls are equipped with integrated computer network systemNetwork
Earthing and uninterruptible power supply UPSOther

 Floor Functions:
1 North -2 basement including:
Room, Wash room, Photography room, separate women and men dressing rooms, baths , Totaling about 315 square meters.
2 South -2 basement:
Chemicals stock, resins room (below entries ramp) and the development including electricity, generator room and core cellar
A total area of about 217 square meters.
3 -1 Basements:
North -1 Basement:
The central courtyard including the waterfront and green space in the North -1 basement.
1. -1 North underground, including dining-room, Janitors room, electrical room, bathrooms
South 1- basement includes:
Scal Laboratory, wash room, archive room
4 ground floors:
North ground includes: entrance lobby, garden and pool
South ground floor includes: laboratory management hall, management room, bathroom and kitchen
5 Floors:
first and second South floors include the Geology Section, administrative and sanitary
first and second North floors include the Scal laboratory and bathrooms

Construction processes:
1. excavation:
Depending on the type of soil and the lack of buildings adjacent to structure, excavation was conducted about 9 meters without supporting structures

2 .Foundation and retaining wall:
Based on the architectural design, northern and southern parts of the building have level difference. Thus bilateral slip foundations were established on two different levels. All around the building on two floors (basement -1 and -2) concrete retaining wall has been implemented. Rebar and concrete used in retaining walls were control by laboratory.

3 .Frame and ceilings:
The use of structural shear wall, backward stretched ceiling, restrictions on the number columns, the use of exposed concrete walls were very sensitive in the formatting stage.
4 .communication ramps:
North-South relationship between building sectors were conducted through concrete ramps. The ramp was executed through the auxiliary beams anchored to the side walls.

5 .Mechanical and electrical installations:
Building wastewater collection system is of municipal wastewater type (EGO). Pipes used for sanitation are PVC pipes with Push Fit fittings with Push Fit joints having the following benefits:
Resistant to warm and cold sewage from interior and exterior
Corrosion, rot, rust and oxidation resistivity
Enhanced flexibility compared to cast iron pipe and asbestos pipes, especially in the joints when earth and building  movements
High chemical resistance especially against bio-organic sulfuric acid in the wastewater compared to other pipes
Lightweight and easy to transport compared with asbestos and cast iron pipes
Polished surface with minimal fouling compared to cast iron pipes and asbestos pipes
Decreased depreciation and roughness and enhanced hydraulic efficiency compared to cast-iron pipes and asbestos pipes
Installations of heating and cooling systems in the project have been is designed and implemented by the engineering team, with calculations on all spaces to estimate the energy requirements of each space and eventually the entire building.
Air chiller and boiler system have been considered for heating and cooling. For heating and cooling of the interior spaces of the building, decorative ceiling fan was used.

Because of the function of the building (core analysis laboratory), the possibility of toxic gases release exist in some sectors, so the air conditioning and fresh air flow from central exhaust is used in buildings. Central air conditioner is exhaust fan blower.
6. Electrical Installations:

As with the lighting system for spaces and decorative lighting, electrical system of the building is consistent with the architectural space. Polyamide pipes and hot galvanized pipes are used through the electrical systems. General power system is exposed and has passed through tubes built into the floor.

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