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Our team of chemical engineering and process design consultants help manufacturers make their processes safer and more efficient. What sets us apart is that we look much deeper than the surface of a project, using our extensive knowledge of engineering and the scientific principles behind it to design the best solutions for our clients.

It’s why we’re often chosen for the most challenging projects and it’s why we excel at them. By applying cutting-edge thinking and integrated technologies we are able to deliver solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and practical. Our philosophy is to aim to deliver ‘added value’ throughout each and every project. Be it through plant efficiency, cost savings, or innovative chemical plant design techniques, we seek to deliver more than we’re asked to for all our clients.


At a Glance

We can design your dreams in Processing

Basic Design

The task of establishing a firm foundation on which to develop the project requires a thorough process using the right team of people given the right objectives, the right information and the right tools. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and projects are initiated prematurely leading to costly rework or, even worse, the building of the wrong facility.

Equipment Design

Process Plant/Equipment is selected to deliver efficiency and reliability
Health and Safety is inherently designed in, Design and Execution strategies are fully integrated, Risk mitigation is applied throughout
Equipment specifications/lists, Evaluation of Vendor Proposals, Preliminary Design Drawings

Conceptual Design

Our Process Design and Piping Engineers have worked on some of the most challenging projects and across many sectors and so can apply considerable experience and expertise to the Detailed Engineering Design.


We recognise that a significant level of investment in high quality Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams is a fundamental component in effective process design.


Electrostatic Dehydrators & Desalter  

The efficiency of an electrostatic desalting system is linked to the intensity of the electrostatic field within the desalter vessel.  These are a special-purpose design and are 100% reactive and therefore cannot be overloaded.
This ensures that they remain on the line under all conditions thus maintaining the unit’s efficiency.

Desalting Process

Wash water, also called dilution water, is mixed with the crude oil coming from the dehydration stage. The wash water, which could be either freshwater or water with lower salinity than the remnant water, mixes with the remnant water, thus diluting its salt concentration. The mixing results in the formation of a water-oil emulsion. The oil (and emulsion) is then dehydrated using the dehydration technique. The separated water is disposed of through the field-produced water treatment and disposal system. In the two-stage desalting system,  dilution water is added in the second stage and all, or part, of the disposed water in the second stage is recycled and used as the dilution water for the first desalting stage. Two-stage desalting systems are normally used to minimize the wash water requirements. Economic use of water of dilution is important.

Paraffine Melt crystallization unit:

Static crystallizer

Win high yields with our static crystallization methods

Static crystallization is a process using vertical plates, heated or cooled by an internal circulation of heat transfer medium (HTM). The plates are suspended in the molten feed. Slow cooling of the HTM below the freezing point of the stagnant melt causes a layer of crystals to grow on the plates

Main applications:

  • Organic and inorganic chemicals at high purities
  • Monomers
  • Carboxylic acids
  • Aromatic isomers
  • Tar chemicals
  • Waxes

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