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  • Geochemistry is the science of investigation of chemical variations in sediments and rocks. Variations in elements happen during some geological processes such as weathering, diagenesis, and burial of sediments. Geochemistry covers a wide area of scientific subjects; each of them needs special training and study. All subdivisions of geochemistry are presented in the following flowchart.
  • Paleontology is the study of what fossils tell us about the ecologies of the past, about evolution, and about our place, as humans, in the world. Paleontology incorporates knowledge from biology, geology, ecology, archaeology, and even computer science to understand the processes that have led to the origination and eventual destruction of the different types of organisms since life arose. In petroleum exploration, the biggest aim through micropaleontology is to determine the accurate age in the drilling well or to determine the correct stratigraphic position with the help of microfossils.
  • The main goals in Sedimentology and sedimentary petrology are facies analysis and interpretation of depositional environments of the studied drilled or cored rock successions. These studies along with the identification of diagenetic features lead to accurate reservoir evolution and its history. According to the professional background of the sedimentology department of MAPSA Co. and relevant workflow chart, the sedimentological studies are included of two routine and special parts.