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  • PVT Pro as one of the MTC’s developed software, is applied for calculation of reservoir fluid properties. Application of updated empirical relationships and thermodynamic equations coupled with a user-friendly graphical interface make PVT Pro an advanced tool for reservoir fluid characterization.
  • MAPSA Technology Center’s Mud-Logging Software has the advantages of considerable computational speed and graphical display through the application of up to date and efficient software development technologies. This lends ML Pro technical superiority to its worldwide counterparts in terms of computational speed and user friendly graphical interface. Drilling parameters are calculated based on data from sensors and illustrated in different ways.
  • The first one can get raw data from centrifuge apparatus, and extract picture, RPM and other variables from them. Also, it manages the experiment’s properties and saves all data in local computer or server database. The second module loads the experiment’s data and can get volumes of pictures by image processing and determine special properties of the reservoir rock (relative permeability and capillary pressure model). Also, it can generate a report of all input data and analysis results.