Software Product (MTC):

MAPSA Company started activities on the development of technical petroleum engineering software since 2004 and has established “MAPSA Technology Center” (MTC) to focus its research and development activities on software development since 2011.
The main objective for the establishment of MTC is to develop technical software and equipment needed in the oil and gas industry. Multiple projects on software development were initiated by MTC experts. PVT Pro as the MTC’s first commercial software has currently been presented to NISOC, NGSC, and ICOFC in the context of sales, support and training contracts.
The first MTC project on oil industry equipment manufacturing, “Mud-Logging project” on the design and manufacture of a Mud-Logging unit was initiated and is in its final test phase. ML Pro as the embedded software in the Mud Logging Unit has also been developed by MTC experts. Core laboratory data analysis and management is the recent concern of MTC programmers resulted in Centri Pro software which involves data gathering and analysis of Centrifuge apparatus. Lab reporter is the latest MTC software using for generating major core lab reports.

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Providing state-of-the-art software solutions to various fields of upstream oil and gas industry.

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