Mapsa Pump Division was established for enhancement of its efforts to achieve the Knowledge how design & manufacture centrifugal pump

Pump Division’s main focus is design & manufacture of oil industrial pumps

Pump Division has succeeded to adapt exclusive license for manufacturing process pump according to API610 from Sigma (Czech Republic)

Mapsa Co. Commits itself to create the values and advantage as below:

    • Excellent quality by using the up to date technology.
    • Competitive & cost effective prices.
    • Fulfilling commitment to on time delivery.
    • Product quality assurance & desired after-sale services.

The work experiences of Mapsa Co. in the pumps and pumping stations industries will encompass the wide-range services such as design, manufacturing, after- sale services, maintenance and repair, spare parts supply based on the quality assurance system and international valid standards.

R & D activities by Pump Group:

    • Design of process pump 80-250-MAPSA.
    • Design of 8 types of sigma process pumps.
    • Design and prototype of process pumps for different capacities and heads.
    • Design & Reverse engineering of 4 types of KSB pumps.
    • Design 150-50-2 process pump for Tehran Oil Refinery Co.

Pump Projects & Abilities

1- Reverse Engineering

One of the main activities of pump group is reverse engineering of all type pumps & their spare parts, such as supplying of technical documents & manufacturing spare part for Abadan Oil Refinery.

Parts of movie of maintenance & repair guide provided on the basis of 3D drawings of a sample of double suction pumps for above-mentioned project.

Design & Reverse Engineering of a pump based on API 610 for Sulfuric Acid pumpage in 35°C with Material Class S6 was done for Tehran Oil Refinery.

Reverse Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation and Operation of 8 set Guinard pumps for Aromatic Hydrocarbon pumpage in 160-300°C based on API610 Standard ,Material Class S6 is manufacturing for Bandar Imam Petrochemical Co.

For The first time in Iran, Manufacturing of these types of pumps will be done by considering their type & special performance.

Operating Data
API   TypeBB2
CapacitiesUp to 2000 m3/h
HeadsUp to 320 m
Operating TemperatureUp to 300 °C

2-Design & manufacture

Design & Manufacturing of 1 set Boiler Feed Water Pump is manufacture for Razi Petrochemical Co.

Design & Manufacture of 3 set high pressure pump for sea water contain solid particles pumpage with material class Super Duplex was manufacture for Iranian Offshore Oil Co.

This project was done in Iran for the first time by considering its special material & pumps operation.

Design & manufacture of 2 set high pressure Amin pumps for Amin (DEA 28.5%) pumpage based on API610 Standard was done for Razi Petrochemical Co.

Design & manufacture of 2 centrifugal pumps for Sulfuric Acid pumpage was done for Abadan Oil Refinery.

Design & Manufacture of 2 set centrifugal pumps for H2S and water pumpage for Hashemi nezhad Gas Refinery Co.

Design ,Manufacture & Installation of 26 set process pumps based on API610 Standard for Kala Petrochemical Co.

Design & Manufacture of a process pump for Produced Water pumpage based on API610 Standard was done for Arak Oil Refinery Co.

3-Manufacture of pumps spare parts for Iranshahr Power Station.

Of other activities of Mapsa Co. are spare parts supply for Petroleum pumps diverse types, Boiler Feed Water pumps, Industrial Water suplly and so on…

For example: 156 set pumps were supplied for Iranshahr Power Station.

4-Repair & Replacing of worn components for Shahid Rajaee Power Station

Repair & Replacing of the worn components of drainage pumps & manufacture of related components.

Reverse Engineering & manufacture of process pump for Tehran Refinery Co.

Design of a process pump for Tehran Refinery (design of impeller & casing for providing necessary head & capacity)

Others Pumps Productions

API 610 Heavy Duty Process Pumps
API Type : OH 1 & OH2
NEA , NET Series

API 610 High Pressure Pumps
API Type : BB4
BBM   Series

Dry Sewage Pump

(Vertical / Horizontal Installation)

Submersible Drainage Pump

High Pressure Pumps

Double Suction Horizontal Split Case Centrifugal Pumps

Process of Quality Control

Certificate from SIGMA CO. :

ISO Certificates:

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