According to the public relations department of Mapsa Co. the research week at the faculty of chemical and petroleum engineering Sharif University was completed by the presence of private sector companies. In this event, the participating companies including MAPSA, NDCO, GPT, Asmary, PDF and etc. presented their capabilities and activities in the field of oil & gas industries.

This event was held by Sharif University, including the panel discussion and exhibition. In these panels a group of professors and Industrial Experts gathered to discuss relevant special topics for an audience, typically reservoir engineering management, effective communication between industry and scientific research center, the desulfurization perspective in Iran, exploring research opportunities in the Germany and manufacturing of osmosis membrane for desalination.

Mapsa organized a multi-discipline professional team with high expertise in oil & gas to load a high-quality presentation and customer-centric approaches of the company toward best-in-class services in the industry.