MAPSA Group’s Mission

The most important MAPSA Group’s Mission is recognizing and managing the country’s requirements based on indoor capacities and technology transfer. This great idea and opinion resulted in the constitution of the Equipment Discipline in MAPSA Group. Climate changes of the Plateau of Iran in years ahead and the necessity of further observation to supply water and energy of the country makes MAPSA Group put supplying sustainable water & clean energy and also purifying wastewater as its primary goal to achieve economically and through new scientific approaches.

The long-term strategies have been determined and finally, the Water Desalination unit has been constituted as a subset in Equipment Discipline since 2014. MAPSA Group has started studying & researching about the Water Desalination state-on-the- art science and then begun to attend the bids. Mapsa Group’s endeavor yielded good results. The Water Desalination Project of Karegan in Hormozgan Province was awarded to joint venture Mapsa Group and & Ofogh Taemin Energy (Shasta) in 2015. By winning this project, the first step to make MAPSA visions and objectives to actualities has been fulfilled.
In continuation, MAPSA Group was awarded Abadan, Khoramshahr, and Arvand Kenar Water Desalination with a total volume of 28500 m3 per day. Arvand Kenar project with 3500m3 per day was awarded and commenced in the form of BOQ Contracts in 2019.