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Advanced Petroleum Geomechanics Laboratory

Advanced triaxial tests’ system enables MAPSA to perform almost all kinds of geomechanical tests under laboratorial and reservoir conditions with changing the values of saturation percent, pore pressure, temperature, and different stresses.

The following are a list of services render in this section:

  • Performing of the ultrasonic wave velocity test under ambient and reservoir conditions (in various temperatures, pore-pressure, and stress)

    • Measuring the dynamic elasticity parameters under different laboratorial and reservoir conditions
  • Performing of the fracture toughness test with the aid of CB and CCNBD methods

    • Measuring critical stress intensity factor
  • Preforming of the uniaxial tests under different laboratorial and temperature conditions Measuring the UCS, elastic modulus, and Poisson ratio
  • Preforming of the triaxial tests under different laboratorial and reservoir conditions

    • Measuring the Mohr-Coulomb criteria parameters (cohesion (C) and friction angle (φ))
  • Preforming of the Biot test by measuring of the volumetric strain or of wave velocity under different temperature and pressure

    • Measuring the Biot coefficient, bulk and grain modulus
  • Preforming indirect tensile strength (Brazilian methods)

    • Measuring the tensile strength
  • Preforming the hydraulic fracturing tests under various confining pressures

    Measuring the break-down pressure (fracture pressure gradient) and hydraulic tensile strength

  • Preforming direct shear test

  • Preforming creep test

    • Measuring Burgers’ model parameters in order to predict the creep behavior of the sample