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Geochemistry department with the cooperation of its joints can perform following geochemistry analysis:

1.Sample handling & preparation:

  • Sample Washing & Drying
  • Contaminated Sample Preparation (Hand Pick Cuttings)
  • Oil Based Mud (OBM) Removal
  • Water based mud (WBM) Removal
  • Basic Sample Prep (Grinding)

2.Rock Eval pyrolysis (Rock Eval 6)

  • Basic analysis
  • Advanced analysis
  • Kinetic analysis of source rocks (3 Temp or 5 Temp)

3.Thermal Maturity Analyses

  • Sample preparation (Kerogen Isolation)
  • Vitrinite Reflectance (%RO)
  • Thermal Alteration Index

4.Extraction of organic matter (EOM) by soxhlet

4.1-Liquid Chromatography (SARA analysis)

  • Asphaltene separation by IP-143 standard
  • Maltene separation by D-2007 standard

Elemental analysis

  • Analysis of C, H, N, S, and O (Oxygen determined by difference)
  • Trace elements (such as Ni, V, and etc.)

4.2-Pyrolysis gas chromatography of source rocks (PY-GC)

Gas chromatography (GC)

  • Saturate Gas chromatography
  • Aromatic Gas chromatography

Gas chromatography- Mass spectroscopy (GC-MS)

  • GC-MS Quantitative Saturate Biomarker
  • GC-MS Quantitative Aromatic Hydrocarbons