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Advanced Petroleum Geomechanics Testing Systems

General Points:

  • This advanced rock testing apparatuses provide all test requirements in rock research testing.
  • This system is configured to test rock material at different load ranges, specimen diameter, High confining pressure, and temperature, along with simultaneous ultrasonic and permeability measurement and pore pressure control.
  • Advanced software packages and further accessories are arranged to suit specific testing requests.
  • The systems are able to test a range of materials from soft rock (e.g. sandstone) to hard rock with high-strength.

Capabilities (Tests)

This advanced testing system covers all required geomechanical tests (at real reservoir conditions) by clients, including:

  • Uniaxial Compression test for measuring

–     UCS, E, v

  • Triaxial Compression Test for measuring

–     C, Φ, E, v @ drained and Undrained  conditions

  • Indirect Tension Test
  • Fracture Toughness Test (Bending, CCNBD, …)
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Test (mini-frac)

–     Tensile Strength

–     Break down pressure

  • Creep (Uniaxial and Triaxial)
  • Sonic Velocity test

–     At reservoir conditions (applying confining pressure, pore pressure, and temperature)

–     Measuring in different frequencies and wave forms.

  • Thick-Wall Cylinder Test
  • Drain and Undrained Hydrostatic Compression Test

–     Biot Coefficient

–     Skempton  Coefficient

  • Stress sensitivity

–     Porosity and permeability changes under different stress conditions

  • Permeability measurement test
  • Sample saturation at high pressure

–     Fluid injection from top and bottom of samples

It is able to apply pore pressure, ultrasonic waves, high temperature and high confining pressure for all mentioned tests