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Routine Core Analysis (RCAL)

Routine Core Analysis instruments are used to measure the properties of rock samples. The reservoir properties and accurate input data are provide for a geological model.

Core gamma, porosity, permeability and fluid saturation are measured as well as lithology and other parameters. Besides, imaging and preservation of cores are done in MAPSA‘s RCAL laboratory.

Available Services

  • X-Ray tomography (core & plug CT-scanning)
  • Gamma-ray logging  (spectral and total core gamma, depth matching)
  • Core preparation (inspection, layout, cleaning, & marking)
  • Core sampling
  • Core plugging (consolidate & unconsolidated cores, in diameters of 1, 1.2 and 1.5 inch)
  • Plug trimming
  • Soxhlet cleaning
  • Humidity and conventional oven drying
  • Dean-stark saturation determination
  • Mounting of unconsolidated sand and fractured carbonates
  • Ambient Helium porosity and grain density determinations.
  • Gas permeability determination & Klinkenberg correction
  • Klinkenberg absolute permeability
  • Porosity & permeability determination at overburden Condition (up to 10000 psi)
  • Brine permeability determination
  • Whole core preservation in Wax
  • Core slabbing
  • Digital core photography (UV & white)
  • Core resination
  • Core storage