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Sample Preparation

  • Formation Brine preparation using different salts
  • Sample saturation
  • Flooding to irreducible water saturation
  • Fluid viscosity and density determination at the ambient condition or elevated temperature.
  • Wettability Restoration, Critical Point Drying, Mounting of Unconsolidated Sand and Fractured Carbonates

Electrical Properties

  • Formation Resistivity Factor (FRF), with Cementation Factor (m), under ambient and elevated reservoir overburden pressure.
  • Formation Resistivity Index (FRI), with Saturation Exponent (n), under ambient and elevated reservoir overburden pressure by reservoir dead oil Or Synthetic oil. ( equilibrium or Non-equilibrium methods)
  • Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), by Core Conductivity Method (Co/Cw).

Impact of Overburden (Stress) to 10,000 psi

  • Determination of Pore Volume Compressibility and Porosity reduction.
  • Absolute and Effective Permeability determination.Capillary Pressure
  • Air-Brine, Air-Oil, and Oil-Brine by the Porous Plate technique, at ambient and elevated overburden pressure and temperature.
  • Ultra speed Centrifuge Technique (Up to 13000 RPM) at elevated temperature.
  • MICP (Up to 60000 Psi)

Pore Size distribution

  • Mercury Injection up to 60,000 psi


  • Methods available – Amott, USBM (centrifuge), Combined Amott/USBM

Relative Permeability

  • Unsteady and Steady State Displacement Options
  • Displacement of Mobile Phase by Gas, Water or Oil
  • Drainage and Imbibition Full Curves and End Points determination.
  • Ambient and Reservoir Conditions, with Dead and Live Crude Oil
  • Trapped (residual) Gas Saturation Determination

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

  • Evaluation of Property of Pay Formation
  • Porosity and Permeability of Core and Cutting Sample
  • Pore Size Distribution
  • Qv Determination
  • T2 Cutoff Calculation and Separation of Movable (FFI) and Bound Fluids (BFV) Parts and Effective Porosity(MPHI) and Total Porosity(MSIG) Measurement on plug or cutting size samples.
  • Wettability Characterization
  • Low Resistivity Reservoir Study