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Coring Services:

Nadin Petro Core Co. (NPC) as a Drilling services company established to concentrate specifically on coring services.
NPC by considerable investment in equipment and tools of the latest technology and state of arts and also recruitment of highly qualified personnel has been able to successfully undertake important projects, references of which are enclosed.
NPC’s workshop located in Kish Island free zone with complete up-to-date facilities and equipment.

What Is a Core?
A core is a cylindrical sample taken in different sizes from the depth of the earth in high depths. Distinct geological analysis like reservoir rock properties, permeability, porosity and percentages of oil, water, and underground water are then applied to such cores.

Coring Purposes:

• Analysis of Reservoir Rock
• Awareness of the Existence of Oil and Gas
• Degree of Permeability
• Porosity and permeability of the reservoir rock
• Knowledge on the presence of natural fractures in the rock layers
• The productivity of the reservoir under investigation

Conventional coring operations are done using an of special equipment, including:

• Core Head
• Outer Tube
• Inner Barrel
• Stabilizer
• Safety Joint
• Swivel
• Catcher Assembly

The web site of Nadin Petro Core Kish is: www.npckish.com