Mud Logging

Mud Logging provides subsurface geological information while drilling a well. Mud Logging services have evolved to become the information center for the well and include  the electronic monitoring of drilling parameters. These parameters include weight on bit, torque, penetration rate, mud levels, pump speed and third party service provider data.

Basic services use a cost effective Mud Logging unit that provides gas detection to identify potentially productive pay zones and enhance drilling safety. The system is configurable for hydrogen sulfide H2S monitoring. The units are equipped with the alarms to alert the user if gas increases or equipment problems occur and works in conjunction with the data logging and drilling penetration rates.

MAPSA KISH is owning six (6) European made Mud Logging units which has been working in different projects

  • POGC – Golshan Field Ferdowsi
  • DANA Drilling – South Pars Gas field phase 16, 17, 18
  • Petrogohar FaraSahel Kish (PGFK) – South Pars Gas Field Phase 13, 22, 23 & 24
  • PETROPARS – South Pars Gas Field phase 12
  • SARVAK – AZAR FIELD (onshore)