Sedimentology and sedimentary petrology

The main goals in Sedimentology and sedimentary petrology are facies analysis and interpretation of depositional environments of the studied drilled or cored rock successions. These studies along with identification of diagenetic features lead to accurate reservoir evolution and its history. According to professional background of the sedimentology department of MAPSA Co. and relevant work flow chart, the sedimenological studies are included of two routine and special parts:

  1. In routine analysis after core gamma logging and depth matching, the main tacks are microscopic whole and slabbed core descriptions, sampling, thin sectioning, petrographic analysis, preparation of sedimentological log and sequence stratigraphy.
  2. In special core analysis, in order to better and detailed understanding of chemical properties and internal structure of the analyzed samples there are several analyses including: XRD, XRF, CT scanning, Sieve analysis, SEM, and CL. The final results of this section are report, photo albums, data sheet, graphic logs and sedimentary models.