Fracture study and Fracture Modeling

Fracture study and Fracture Modeling
Fracture characterization is the science that deals with the detection, diagnosis (identification of natural versus induced and type of each), and quantification of fractures (single fracture properties such as orientation, aperture, fault offset, and length and fracture population properties such as number of sets, orientation of each set, density, etc.). Fracture characterization is a multidisciplinary subject that integrates multi-tools and multi-scale observations like microscopic, borehole image, core, and three-dimensional (3-D) seismic data.
What we do
• Well based fracture study
o Collecting data from whole and slabbed core samples
o CT scan image analysis
o Re-orienting core samples based on image logs
o Compersion between fracture data and other data (drilling, well test, sedimentology, production data.

• Fracture Modelling