Regarding MAPSA’s strategic goals and based on science and experience, the establishment and development of a group for design and manufacturing of different process pumps was initiated. Since 2000, this group has produced various process pumps required by the oil, gas and petrochemical industries through utilization of skilled experts and specialized software on the basis of API 610 standard and delivered products to customers.

Our products cover different types of centrifugal pumps according to API 610 standard such as single stage overhung (OH1, OH2 and OH3), one and two stage between bearing (BB1 and BB2), multi-stage (BB3, BB4, and BB5), and vertically suspended (VS1, VS4, VS6) pumps.

MAPSA has also received the exclusive license to manufacture process pumps from SIGMA Pump, with over 150 years history in pump industry.

By the experience of MAPSA in the pump industry, a wide range of customer’s orders from design of pump stations, reverse engineering, manufacturing and supplying pumps and accessories to after sale services such as repair, maintenance and spare parts can be covered. All stages of production, testing and quality control are carried out based on standard procedures.

In addition, MAPSA pump service center is capable of providing spare parts for different pumps and repairing or rebuilding of pumps and pump parts by reverse engineering.