MAPSA HR institute conducts the following courses in order to improve the scientific and technical aspects of workers in different managerial and industrial fields. MAPSA HR purposefully combines knowledge of excellent professors inside or outside of Iran with experiences and skills of industry elites.

Oil and Gas

• Geophysics, Geology & Geochemistry
• Petrophysics & Reservoir Engineering
• Drilling Engineering
• Operational Engineering
• Specialized Software
• Process Engineering
• Maintenance Engineering & Inspection

Other Scopes including:

• Health and Safety
• Procurement/Supply Chain
• Chemical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering

Energy Management and Water Management

• Energy Management
• Energy Audit
• Renewable Energy
• Water Management

Management, Economics and Finance

• Project Management
• Risk Management & Cost Engineering
• Law, Finance & Economics in Oil and Gas
• Management Sciences and skills for Managers

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