Water & Energy

Water and Energy Department:

The Department of Water and Energy is established on mission of MPSA in identifying needs and need management based on domestic capabilities of the country and for technology transfer as main reasons. The change in Iran’s climate Plateau in coming years and necessity of reviewing water and energy supply resources, made MAPSA to seek new approaches for providing sustainable water supply, as well as sources for clean energy, wastewater treatment in an economic way as company’s frontispiece.

In 2014, long-term strategy was defined and Water and Energy Department established. In 2015, the Kargan desalination project commenced on the basis of B.O.O contract so it was the beginning of fulfillment objective and first step to reaches the vision. Kargan project consider as a major pace in developing of this industry due to geological structure of Iran’s southern coastal zone and technical difficulties for water intake properly and economically, so it takes advantages of water industry experts besides sea water intake new system.

MAPSA has the potential to provide complete services in the form of EPC, B.O.O or B.O.T for desalination projects in the following areas:
Intake System
Pre-treatment System
Reverse Osmosis System
Post treatment System
Drinking Water System
Wastewater System

Mapsa Water and Energy Department provide services in the following scopes:


MAPSA’s strategy is to utilizing management infrastructure, professional and capable human capital besides modern industrial equipment for water supply resources and development of renewable energies as a goal for country’s need and for a better future.
Enhancing capability in scope of desalinating and wastewater treatment
Compliance with environmental, health and safety requirements and standards
Achieving new technologies for technical and engineering services