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May 2019


PRECIPITATION IN PERMO-TRIASSIC CARBONATES AT THE SOUTH PARS GASFIELD, OFFSHORE IRAN CONTROLS ON RESERVOIR QUALITY H. Rahimpour-Bonab+*, B. Esrafili-Dizaji*, and V. Tavakoli* Dolomitization and related anhydrite cementation can complicate the characterization of carbonate reservoirs. [...]

Centrifugal Pump Selection Process

MAPSA Company with a long history in designing and manufacturing practical pumps and pumps used in oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation and water treatment with below applications: -    Refining and petrochemical services -    [...]

April 2019

Impact of contrasting paleoclimate on carbonate reservoir architecture

Impact of contrasting paleoclimate on carbonate reservoir architecture: Cases from arid Permo-Triassic and humid Cretaceous platforms in the south and southwestern Iran Hamzeh Mehrabi, Hossain Rahimpour-Bonabn, Amir Hossain Enayati-Bidgoli, Behrooz Esrafili-Dizaji School of Geology, [...]