MAPSA Inspection Department:

You will achieve the required best quality!

Mapsa inspection department has been established for the purpose of providing technically expert services in industrial projects especially in oil, gas, petrochemical, energy and water.
This department by using qualified inspectors whole of Iran, updated equipment and implementation of ISO17020 in all inspection activities offer diversified services from beginning stages ( row material inspection) until final inspection (packing ,marking ,installation inspection) according to standards, spec and ITP to ensure proper accomplishment of projects.
Description of Inspection and Quality Control Services:
• Provision of inspection service on tubular, casing and movable tools & drilling equipment
• Provision of inspection on off/on shore drilling Rig
• Inspection of manufacturing and installation of hydro mechanical equipment, refinery packages, heating equipment.
• During manufacturing inspection of Pressure Vessel, Piping and also storage tank (spherical and cylindrical).
• During manufacturing inspection of fixed & rotary equipment including (Heat exchanger, Air cooler, Tower, Pump, Turbine generator).
• During Manufacturing & in-service inspection of cranes including Tower, overhead, Gantry and etc.
• During manufacturing inspection of Steel welded pipes.
• During manufacturing inspection of steel structures.
• During manufacturing inspection of valves applied in Oil & gas and water supply industries.
• During manufacturing inspection of polyethylene and GRP pipes applied in industry.
• Welding inspection accompanied by non-destructive testing operations (VT, PT, MT, ED, UT, RT)
• Corrosion, Paint and Cathodic protection Inspection.
• Inspection of electrical control panels (LV and MV)
• Inspection of other electrical equipment including transformers, cables, and etc.
• Inspection of CNG station with all Equipment’s

Drilling inspection:
Mapsa Drilling inspection Department is the only inspection company in Iran which possesses two EMI2 apparatus. So, companies active in oil & gas drilling (especially offshore) could rely on us since we are the trustworthy yet only source.

Recently, Mapsa has provided another EMI unit (OEM ARTIS-3 MODEL-5400).
The ARTIS-3 is the only four function portable EMI inspection unit available:
TRANSVERSE FLAWS (for holes / cracks / sharp pits)
WALL LOSS TYPE-1 (for corrosion – OD)
WALL LOSS TYPE-2 (for erosion – ID)
FULL LENGTH WALL THICKNESS MONITORING (thick-thin display for large area gradual wear)