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MAPSA Core Analysis Laboratory

MAPSA Upstream Laboratory Complex is one of the most equipped and unique specialized laboratories in the non-governmental oil industry in the Middle East.

The laboratory has the ability to perform Conventional and Special core analysis tests (RCAL and SCAL), Geomechanic, Formation damage, Acid treatment, EOR, and geological studies. It is also capable of conducting Fluid Analysis Tests (PVT) and all geochemical tests in cooperation with its external and internal partners.

With a record of around 9 kilometers of core analysis, the unit has extracted the reservoir characteristics of some of the world’s largest oil and gas fields and created an extensive database of reservoir characteristics.

The aforementioned capabilities enable the R&D team of the company to provide basic solutions to production problems and consequently, increase the hydrocarbon production.

MAPSA core analysis laboratory can implement the following operations:

  • Routine Core Analysis (RCAL)
  • Special Core Analysis (SCAL):
  • Formation Damage and Acidizing
  • Geochemistry Analysis:
  • Advanced Petroleum Geomechanics Laboratory

MAPSA Technology Center

MAPSA Technology Center (MTC) is one of the branches of MAPSA Co. which is a consulting center based in Tehran, Iran.

MTC is a computer software engineering center engaged in the development, sale and technology transfer of petroleum software. We also provide consultancy services in the upstream area of petroleum industry. Moreover, MTC offers Training Services that provide the engineers with up-to-date technology skills they need.

We focus on the edge of research in petroleum engineering and implement “best solutions” into our software and consultancy services through the knowledge transfer and the development of new ideas and technologies. We approach projects with a technical and practical attitude and engineering challenges that define today’s exploration and production activity. We are pioneer in different aspects of petroleum engineering including reservoir, fluid properties, multiphase flow, petrophysics, and rock properties. Our goal is maximizing hydrocarbon recovery in the most efficient way, using efficient modeling algorithms and easy-to-use software. Our software is innovative, user friendly, and provides practical and advanced solutions for petroleum engineering projects. The professional quality of MTC’s software is matched by our long-term support.

MC Department

One of the first established departments in MAPSA Co. is Managing Contractor (MC) department. This department is known as Fourth Dimension and controlling the contractor’s work progress and guide them as Client representative. To perform this, the following objects has chosen to be Department Aims:

  • To compile and execute MC system according to MC and Project Methodology
  • Information Technology section establishing and strengthen it
  • Making MC and project software possibility
  • Making strategic connection with clients.

By this style, in addition to human faults reduction, the projects concretion is guaranteed and on line, observing the projects to make reports for any purpose will be possible. In addition, reduction of projects delays by performing the activities according to time, financial and economic conditions will be possible.

This department by performing the mentioned items and also Projects Management Standard such as PMBOK  and recognizing all of projects and organizations process, and by creating active and knowledge based management, IT access and professional human resource was  able to absorb the clients trust and finish various projects.

Mapsa Mission

The mission of Mapsa in identifying the needs of the country and managing needs based on the country’s internal capabilities and technology transfer is one of the main reasons for the formation of the Water and Energy Unit.

The climate change of Iran’s plateau in the coming years and the need to re-look at the provision of water and energy needs of the country prompted the company to use a new approach to supply sustainable water, provide energy from clean energies and treat waste water in an economic manner.

MAPSA is Providing complete services in the form of EPC, B.O.O or B.O.T in the following fields :

  • Dewatering system
  • Pre-treatment system
  • Reverse osmosis system
  • Final treatment system
  • Drinking water system
  • Sewage discharge system

Inspection Department

For providing services in industrial projects especially in oil, gas, petrochemical, energy, and water, Inspection department has been established in MAPSA Co.

This department by using qualified inspectors in different parts of Iran and implementation of ISO 17020 in all inspection activities offer diversified services from beginning stages (Material Inspection) until final stages (Installation and Commissioning) according to ITP to ensure proper accomplishment of projects.    Inspection Services some of different activities are as follows:    

  • Corrosion Inspection/Cathodic Protection Inspection
  • Welding Inspection
  • Pressure Vessels Inspection
  • Fixed and Rotary Mechanical Equipment Inspection
  • Electrical Equipment Inspection
  • Chemical Material Inspection
  • Steel Structure Inspection
  • Piping Inspection
  • Storage Tanks Inspection
  • Tubular Inspection
  • Painting & Coating Inspection

The aforementioned inspection activities include different types of DT and NDT tests, if necessary.

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