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Reservoir Engineering
Geology Department
Mapsa Up-stream Study Group
Mapsa Core Analysis Laboratory (RCAL & SCAL)
Mapsa's Drilling Services
Mud Logging Services
H2S Safety Services

MAPSA’s Vision & Mission

Scientific & technical level enhancement and developing into one of most capable Iranian companies in the field of managerial, design, engineering and executive in the areas of oil, gas, water and energy.


MAPSA-Kish renders services mainly consist of mud logging services and H2S safety services based on the experiences and technologies.


Nadin Petro Core (NPC) Co. has established a Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.


Specialized and technical trainings institute of Pishgaman Abdal Sanat is one of MAPSA corporation’s subsidiaries which is relying on years of experiences in implementing industrial projects .

About Our Services

Mapsa Core Analysis  Laboratory

Core Analysis Laboratory Can Implement the Following Operations:

Routine Core Analysis (RCAL)

  •  X-Ray Tomography (Core & Plug CT-Scanning)
  •  Gamma Ray logging (Spectral and Total Core Gamma, Depth Matching)
  •  Core Preparation (Inspection, Layout, Cleaning, & Marking)
  •  Core sampling
  •  Plug Trimming
  •  Core Slabbing
  •  Core Resignation
  •  Core store

Special Core Analysis (SCAL)

  •  Sample Preparation – Wettability Restoration, Critical Point Drying, Mounting of Unconsolidated Sand, and Fractured Carbonates
  •  Formation Resistivity Factor, with Cementation Factor (m), under ambient and elevated reservoir overburden pressure
  • Specific and Effective Permeability

Capillary Pressure

  •  Air-Brine and Oil-Brine by the Porous Plate technique, at ambient and elevated overburden pressure
  •  Ultra speed Centrifuge Technique
  • Pore Size distribution
  • Mercury Injection up to 60,000 psi
  • Relative Permeability

Geology Department

Geology and geophysics group of MAPSA Company has been formed based on the bigger goal of this company. This goal is performing all the reservoir geology and related geological tasks in our country, Iran.

Mapsa Main Activities:

Main activities:
Mapsa is a knowledge based company working in various industrial fields. The main activities of the Company are in the field of industrial projects management (MC & PMC), providing services in oil & gas industry such as Upstream Studies, Drilling Services, Core Analysis, Inspection, Training, Implementing special software and Construction.

  • Fast Work

    Regarding our project– focused organization, the project management standard requirements based on the PMBOK Standard and its processes have been prepared and enforced.

  • Good Result

    This Company has capable teamworks consist of the experts and highly experienced engineers in the different industrial backgrounds rendering services using the best practices in the fields of the project management, design & engineering and upstream oil projects.

  • Relationship

    Transforming the Company as an alternative to the foreign companies active in the field of management & engineering services.
    Founding the state of -the art management in the Country
    Attitude to the human resources development.

  • List Title

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Founding the state of -the art management in the Country

In this section, descriptive reservoir properties, including seismic interpretations along with petrophysical and geological characteristics are accurately studied and integrated together to help interpret reservoir parameters that are influential in field development. All the information and determined models will then be available to customers as field development plans.
The consulting services are based on client requirements include fully integrated studies, specialized studies, technical assistance, advisory services, expert opinions, on the job training services. Also for your needs, we will propose a suitable effective solution and will deliver results in timely manner.

Development of special software in oil and gas fields


PVT Pro is a professional user-friendly Windows-based software application designed for modeling of phase behavior and properties of reservoir fluids. The unique asphaltene modeling module of this software, provides a powerful tool for asphaltene precipitation prediction. This comprehensive package is an Equation-of-State (EOS) engineering tool which assists engineers to combine reliable fluid characterization procedures with robust and efficient computational algorithms to match fluid properties and experimental data. The regressed fluid parameters obtained by PVT Pro may be used to produce high quality input data for various reservoir, pipeline, production and process simulators.

Integrated Phase Behavior Modeling of Reservoir FluidsWikiTravel


Development of mud-logging software was initiated by an extensive survey on platforms present in the market and extraction of their advantages and disadvantages. Based on the knowledge and expertise of MTC specialists, it was then natively designed. Such original design has the major advantage of customizability and every needed parameter can be added to the software. MAPSA Technology Center’s Mud-Logging Software also has the advantages of considerable computational speed and graphical display through the application of up to date and efficient software development technologies. This lends ML Pro technical superiority to its worldwide counterparts in terms of computational speed and user friendly graphical interface. Drilling parameters are calculated based on data from sensors and illustrated in different ways
Data Export and Reports:

    • Integrated High Performance Database
    • Capability to Export Reports on all saved data within different time and depth ranges and based on Rig Activity (Drilling, Cementing, Reaming, Coring, etc.)
    • Ability to Save Reports in Different Formats: ASCII، EXCEL، XML، WTISML (log, mudlog), LAS
Interactive software for monitoring drilling parameters in mud logging unit.Media Wiki


Lab Pro casts a new look on reliable and integrated storage of valuable core analysis data. Integrated data storage along with a user-friendly graphical interface, makes Lab Pro a functional program for storage and management of laboratory data. Capability to work on Windows Operating System, gives a wide range of users and user groups the ability to work with Lab Pro, including:

        • International Oil Companies for Integrated Reservoir Data Management
        • Core Analysis Team for Application in Core Analysis Laboratory
        • Reservoir Simulation Team for Core Data Storage
Comprehensive core data library, data management and visualizer.Max Mobilcom


VFP features include:

      • Multiphase Flow Modeling in Tubing/Casing/Liner
      • Oil/Gas/Gas Condensate/Water Systems
      • Pressure Drop Modeling in Down-Hole Field Facilities
      • Calculation of Fluid Properties via “Black Oil” and “Combinatorial” Methods
      • Application of Inflow Performance Relationship into Well Bore
      • Calculating Minimum Velocity to Lift Condensates
      • Erosional Velocity Calculation along Well Depth
      • Sensitivity Analysis Calculations
      • Artificial Lift (by Gas Injection or Pump inside Well)
      • In-Well Asphaltene Precipitation Prediction Module
Steady-state multiphase flow in oil, gas and gas condensate well simulator. Doom Inc

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